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The Tree Hunt


Written by Vickie Stone from the Village Church.

One of my most cherished Christmas memories is from my childhood in Ohio. It was a big adventure when my parents loaded my brother and two sisters in the station wagon to head to the hills of Granville, Ohio to the Timbuk tree farm to select the perfect tree. Back then, a drive from our family home in Columbus was like a trip to Timbuktu. (I later learned that this is how the tree farm got its name; it was just shortened to Timbuk Farms.

 Our home had a family room, that today would be called a great room. So, we kids were especially excited knowing we could pick out a very tall tree since our room had a cathedral ceiling with vaulted A-frame beams. The search was on. The crisp snow on the ground, the pine scent in the air, and knowing my mom had packed thermoses of hot chocolate with marshmallows, to fight off the chill made our outing extra special.  Even our dog Sandy was tickled to come along. Eventually, we would narrow it down to our top few trees by hanging someone’s scarf to mark the tree thinking we’d forget where it was and not be able to find our way back. Dad always had the final decision though, bending over on the ground and looking at the trunk to see how straight it grew, knowing he’d have the challenge of making it stand up straight once we got it home.

Sometimes it feels like the heavenly Father takes the same approach as us. Watching us make our choices knowing if we partner with Him our life is easier to live true and tall. Once home it was fun to string popcorn and cranberries which Mom would help us kids with. And we’d bring home paper chains we made in school. The Christmas season is so full of anticipation, like that which Mary must have faced so many years ago, filled with wonder and trust as she awaited the birth of the world’s savior.


Isaiah 11:1

“There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit.”


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