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Prophecy Fulfilled

Today’s devotional was written by M.S. Lowndes, a contemporary Christian songwriter, poet, and author.


The events leading up to the birth of Christ weren’t coincidental but were put in place by God, so that the prophecies of old would be fulfilled, in Isaiah 7: 13-14. Isaiah 9: 6-7, and Micah 5: 2-5. Everything that happened, from the time the census was ordered, to everyone returning to their own city to be registered, and then the birth of Jesus while Joseph & Mary were in Bethlehem, was orchestrated by God. Out of Bethlehem, a small town in the City of David, came the Messiah. This event was the beginning of something so incredible. Jesus Christ left His throne in glory and took on human form just to bring us reconciliation to our Father God. He came into the world, miraculously conceived, and then born as all humans are. He was first a baby, then became a toddler, then grew into a child and went through adolescence before becoming an adult. He experienced humanity at all levels. He truly can identify with all people at all stages of life. This very first Christmas, God gave the greatest gift ever. His Son! And His Son gave the gift of His life – which was why He came. Because of this, we can have relationship with God as His children. Through Jesus Christ, we are Sons and Daughters of the Most High God. So this Christmas, bear in mind the ‘True’ Christmas story, which led to the ‘True’ Easter story. Let us give thanks and praise to our heavenly Father for these events, which have changed our lives forever.
 No matter how ‘secular’ the world is becoming, disregarding the truth of Christmas, let us boldly proclaim the truth about the birth of Jesus as the reason for the season.


Written by Emilie Griffin (1936-2022), an American author.

Lord, give me hope. Let me see your providential hand at work in every corner of society. And let me be refreshed by the innocence of children, Lord Jesus. Let me be amused by their antics, their sudden laughter, their glee. Help me to be touched by the naivete of the Christmas narrative, the angels bringing word to humanity, Mary and Joseph escaping with their child into Egypt. May the light of the Incarnation flood my heart. Help me bring your peace into the world. Amen.

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