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Written by Alan Goodman from the Village Church


I spent my early childhoodin the greater London area all through World War II. Death and destruction were all around me even as a child. I hardly saw my parents since both were pressured by the British Government to support the war effort. I loved to read even at an early age, and I was used to being on my own a lot during my early growing up years. With little money and severe food rationing, my parents did something that has stuck with me to this day.

 I only had ONE yearly present during the war years and that was on my birthday (December 17) which was a combined birthday and Christmas present. They bought me a “William” Children’s book by Richmal Crompton who created a whole series about “William”.  “William” was a boy slightly older than me who, with friends, supported the war effort, played Robin Hood and pirates with his friends, etc.  With my boyhood friends, we would emulate “William” and be in a different time and space than the daily carnage of

war around us. I used to be angry that I only had one birthday present combined with my Christmas present, but I realize now that this was one of the most loving things my Mom and Dad did for me in my early years. They loved me and made a huge sacrifice to buy me a “William” book. In my later years, God has made me very aware that these simple books to a child were indeed absolutely precious and expressed that love.


Corinthians 9:15

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!”


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