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Being Present


Written by Marjorie Thompson, a contemporary parish minister, author, teacher, and retreat leader. This is an excerpt from her book “Soul Feast.”

The one condition that precedes every kind of prayer is being present to God with conscious awareness. God is always present with us, whether or not we can feel this reality. In a very real sense, then, the foundation of all prayer is being present to the presence of God. Quaker writer and teacher Douglas Steere speaks of “being present where we are” and “not too elsewhere.”


Written by Sheri Dursin, a contemporary writer, speaker, and retreat presenter.

Loving God, I come to you as I am,

Rushed and frazzled, electricity buzzing from my fingertips,

Or sluggish, plodding through the mud, footsteps heavy and slow.

Whatever my pace, I have arrived at this precise moment with you.

Lord Jesus, I rest in the knowledge that you will meet me here,

At the crossroads of sorrow and joy,

Of confusion and clarity,

Of stress and serenity.

Heavenly Father, help me to pause.

To listen, and pray, and sit in the quiet

With you, my song blending with yours

In beautiful harmony

God of love, I pray for the inspiration to put away my own plans,

And discover what you have in mind for me

I am listening, I am here with you.

I will be present.

I will just BE.  Amen.

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