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Written by Lynne Snyder, a contemporary musician and writer.

A crayon is a useful thing.  It can be used to create beautiful artwork, things that bring joy.  It can be used to fashion objects of usefulness: labels, restroom signs, warning signs. There are 64 crayons in certain boxes of crayons. We are all somewhat alike, because we are all made in the image of God. But there are also obvious differences. We are each made with unique talents and gifts. Midnight Blue, Maize, Pine Green, Carnation Pink. Like the Potter’s clay, the crayon is not the artist. We are not the creator, but the tool He uses. Any beauty or utility that we create is due to the gifts which he gave us. Any good work that we perform is from His strength and the talents that he equips us with. We were not made to be ornaments on display, any more than a crayon was made to be unused and pristine. We were made to glorify God and to serve Him in accordance with His will. How do we serve Him and seek to be useful to Him?

A crayon starts its life bright and fresh. It even smells nice. As a crayon does its intended work, it changes. The point is worn down; it gets bumped, even broken. It is sometimes refashioned in the sharpener. The label might become worn or even go missing. Eventually, it ends up in that big bin of broken crayons. I had a shoebox that was full to the brim of worn crayon pieces. Some had broken, and all of them had flecks of other colors all over them. But I adored that box, because the crayons were still useful and brought me joy. I even gave names to some of the “special” crayons in my box. God calls us by name. He knows us and cherishes us. He knows all our scars and brokenness and he treasures us. At times he refashions us in what seems at the time like a crayon sharpener. He knows that we are sadly ineffective unless we have his power, his strength, and his direction. He yearns for us to remember our dependence on him, and delights in us when we rely on his power and strength to do the good works he intends for us.


Written by Alisha Headley, a contemporary writer and speaker.

Dear God, we pray that you would remind us that that we are all a part of building and expanding your Kingdom. We ask that you give us a fresh vision for your purpose for our lives. We ask that you open our eyes, our ears, our hearts, and our minds to your vision so that we can live out our purpose. Remove anything from our lives that hinders us from discerning your vision. We pray that you would draw us closer to you as you bring us revelation to our purpose. Please reveal to us what we need to do today to not run wild, but rather be focused on your divine vision. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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