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Who Is a Disciple?


Written by Margaret Campbell, a contemporary designer and leads a discipleship evangelism ministry with her husband.

What does it mean to be a dis­ci­ple to Jesus? A dis­ci­ple of Jesus is a per­son who has decid­ed to live in atten­tive­ness to Jesus. We live in atten­tive­ness in order to become like Jesus on the inside and, there­by, able to do what Jesus would do on the out­side. As matur­ing dis­ci­ples we pro­gres­sive­ly learn to live in atten­tive­ness, ado­ra­tion, sur­ren­der, obe­di­ence, and thank­ful­ness to God, and all of this, with­out ceasing. Through the hid­den work of trans­for­ma­tion, God writes his good way on our minds and hearts and this is very good. By his grace, our hearts are divine­ly changed. We are pro­gres­sive­ly con­formed to be like Jesus in mind and will and soul and word and deed. What we say and what we do more con­sis­tent­ly reflect the glo­ry and good­ness of God. Our lives work as God intends them to. The right­ness of God’s good way becomes what we expe­ri­ence in our ordi­nary lives.  The kitchen, the free­ways we dri­ve, our offices and schools, hos­pi­tals and homes are where we meet the Father through Jesus in the pow­er of the Holy Spir­it. These are the places where Jesus teach­es us how to live our lives. These are the places where we seek God in atten­tive­ness and ado­ra­tion. These are the places where we learn to hear the still, small voice of God. And as he prompts, we are obe­di­ent and thank­ful. Those around us — whether fam­i­ly, friend, or stranger at the laun­dro­mat — see love, peace, and joy in us. Jesus is our Teacher and we are his students.


Written by Paige Deane, a contemporary author.

Lord, you are my God. You take priority over everything in my life. I am your disciple and I will put you first. Lord, help me to leave everything behind for your sake. Help me to hold fast to your truth, your commands, and your desires for my life. You are the most important thing. There is not even a second. You are the only priority in my life. Help me to view everything else only through you as my one priority. Help me to stay grounded in what I know to be true and reject anything that is a lie. Amen.

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