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Holiness and the Gospel


Written by Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892). An English Baptist preacher, known as the “Prince of Preachers.” This is an excerpt from his book “Adorning the Gospel.”

What is appropriate to the gospel? Well, holiness suits the gospel. Adorn it with a holy life. How pure, how clean, how sweet, how heavenly, the gospel is! Hang, then, the jewels of holiness about its neck, and place them as rings on its hands. The gospel is also to be adorned with mercifulness. It is all mercy, it is all love, there is no love like it: “God so loved the world.” Well, then, adorn the gospel with the suitable jewels of mercifulness and kindness…The gospel also is the gospel of happiness; it is called, “the glorious gospel of the blessed God.” A more correct translation would be, “the happy God.” Well, then, adorn the gospel by being happy…Adorn the gospel next by your unselfishness…If you would adorn the gospel, you must love others, love them intensely, and make it one object of your lives to make other people happy, for so you will then be acting according to the spirit and genius of the gospel.


Written by Scotty Smith, a contemporary American pastor.

Father, may the gospel transform the way we think, feel, and choose. Close the gap between what we confess with our mouths and reveal with our lives. In particular, we pray for the power of the gospel to be at work in our relationships, for the only thing that counts is “faith expressing itself in love.” May kindness and encouragement be the norm, and criticism and pettiness be increasingly rare. Amen.

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