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Written by Christopher D. Hudson, a contemporary teacher and author. This is an excerpt from his book “Following Jesus.”

The word “repent” is a hope-filled term. Biblically it means to “change your mind” and “to turn around.” In other words, you’re headed down a path that you wrongly believe leads somewhere good. But then God graciously opens your eyes, and you see the foolishness of your way. This divine insight causes you to alter your thinking and go a different direction. Jesus began his public ministry with a call to repentance. “Rethink your life!” he was essentially saying. “Stop trusting in other people or things to rescue you and give you meaning and joy. Believe the good news about me.”  Martin Luther said that Jesus “willed the entire life of believers to be one of repentance.” In other words, we come to Christ by an initial act of repentance, and we walk with him via an ongoing lifestyle of repentance.


Today’s prayer is an ancient collect from the 6th century.

Almighty God, we beseech You to hear our prayers for all who sin against You, or neglect to serve You, all who forget You, all who leave You out of their lives. O Lord, have mercy upon them; bestow upon us all true repentance and an earnest longing for Yourself. Promise, we ask You, O Lord, to strengthen and confirm all Your faithful people, and to lift up the light of Your Face upon them, giving them continually heavenly desires; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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