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Written by Albert Mohler, a contemporary theologian and educator. This is an excerpt from his work “Globalization and the Christian Mission.”

The church, when it is faithful, always thinks in global terms. The world now thinks of globalization as a great economic, technological, and political fact. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ understands global mission as a command and as a mandate from the Lord. While the world may debate globalization in terms of its economic and sociological effects, the church must see globalization as an unprecedented opportunity. Globalization may be a surprise to sociologists, politicians, and businessmen, but it comes as great promise to followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The current generation of Christians has unprecedented opportunities to proclaim the name of Jesus in all of the world and to see people of all tribes, tongues, and nations bow the knee to the king.


This is a Trisagion Prayer, a Greek Orthadox prayer to the Trinity.

Creator God, give us a heart and mind for peace. Jesus, brother and teacher, help us to make whole that which is now broken. Holy Spirit, burn in our hearts that we might  set the world on fire with Your love.  Amen.

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