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Written by Tommy Nelson, a contemporary pastor and author. This is an excerpt from his book “A Life Well Lived.”

Solomon observes [in Ecclesiastes] the inequity of life. Sometimes bad guys win and good guys suffer. Johnny Christian doesn’t always score the touchdown, and Paul Pagan doesn’t always fumble the ball. That’s a fact. Do you have a problem with that? Would you rather have a “perfect” universe? Wouldn’t it be great if, after a driver ran you off the road, his car would break down five minutes later? Or if someone cheated you in business, he would go bankrupt the next month? Or if someone got angry and yelled at you, her teeth would fall out that night? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  But unfortunately, you’d have to live in the same universe. So if you gossiped about someone, your tongue would turn green. Every time you lusted or envied another person, more of your hair would fall out. Every time you spent money on something you didn’t need, the food in your refrigerator would rot overnight. Would you want to live in a world like that? None of us want that kind of instant justice from God. God’s patience with sin is an incredible blessing—otherwise, all of us would come under His immediate judgment.  Here’s a fact to comfort us: There will be a day when God will deal with evil. The question is not, “Why does God not punish evil?” But, “Why does He not punish evil now?”  He will deal with it.


The author of this prayer is unknown.

Heavenly Father, in your love you have called us to know you, led us to trust you, and bound our life with yours. Surround us with love and protect us from evil. Fill us with the holy spirit so we walk in the way of Christ and grow in our knowledge of your love.

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