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Written by Dallas Willard (1935-2013), an American philosopher, theologian, and author.  This is an excerpt from his book The Divine Conspiracy Continued: Fulfilling God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Even still, we must realize and concede that flourishing, despite our best intentions and plans, is not something that can be produced for people generally, though some provisions for “general welfare” can and must be made. The general welfare can be destroyed through the application of foolish policies and actions just as easily as a hurricane rips over a storm wall. But flourishing is also essentially a matter of the character of the People involved. Augustine says in his Rule: “Those who have the strength to lead simple lives should consider themselves the richest of people. For it is better to be able to make do with a little than to have plenty.” What an idea! The character of people in a population is hugely determinative of precisely how well-off they are and therefore whether or not their society flourishes.


Written by Mario di Carlo, an Italian author and member of the “Congregation of the Mission.”

Lord, grant us simplicity so that our lives may be welcoming, modest, and generous.

Lord, grant us simplicity so that our lives may be so transparent that your light can pass through them.

Lord grant us your simplicity to make our lives flourish with love and goodness.

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