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Mountains and Molehills


Written by Vince Amlin, a contemporary pastor and church planter.

Ben Nevis is Scotland’s tallest mountain. Which, at around 4400 feet, is not saying much. But the ascent starts basically from sea level, so you earn every foot. I had climbed the first few dozen stairs when the path curved around the mountain, and for the first time I got a view of what lay ahead: the longest staircase I had ever seen. My mind balked. Could I make it up all those stairs? Did I want to? In thirty minutes I could be back down in a pub eating a full Scottish breakfast. Grudgingly, I started up, praying just to make it to that final stair in the distance. And when I did, heaving in triumph, the path turned again, and I found a staircase three times longer than the one I’d just finished. This is not God’s best pep talk: “If you have raced with foot-runners and they have wearied you, how will you compete with horses?” Jeremiah complains. And God assures him: it’s gonna get so much worse. You think this is a big staircase? But there is a note of hope in God’s reply. If you can hear it from the bottom step. You are meant to run with horses. Not only will you climb these stairs, but the ones after them. And the scree switchbacks after that, and the steep icy section, and the boulder field. You will step onto the highest rock and look down on the clouds. Because you were made for the mountaintop. Which is so much farther than you imagine.


Written by Nan Jones, a contemporary author and speaker.

Lord, the valley is deep. I’m stumbling over giant stones of despair and brokenness. I find myself tripping over the lies of the enemy — the very lies I recognize as such and yet yield to their evil intent to take my eyes off You. Forgive me, Lord. I know You to be faithful, full of love and mercy. I know You as El Roi, my God who sees me and knows all about it. You are my hope. You are my peace. You are my Light in this present darkness, this valley of the soul. I can see Your mountaintop, Lord. I yearn for its rest. I yearn for its glory — the glory of Your Presence, Your precious touch, the empowerment of Your Holy Spirit. I yearn for You. On the mountaintop. Amen.

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