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Joy in Obedience


Written by John Wesley (1703-1791), an English cleric, theologian and evangelist, who was a leader of a revival movement within the Church of England known as Methodism.

Christian joy is joy in obedience, joy in loving God and keeping God’s commandments; and yet not in keeping them as if we were thereby to fulfill the terms of the covenant of works, as by any works or righteousness of ours, we were to procure pardon and acceptance with God. Not so: we are already pardoned and accepted, through the mercy of God in Christ Jesus. Not as if we were by our own obedience to procure life, life from the death of sin: this also we have already from the grace of God. Us “hath he quickened, who were dead in sins,” and now we are “alive to God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.” But we rejoice in walking according to the covenant of grace, in holy love and happy obedience. We rejoice in knowing that, “being justified through his grace,” we have “not received that grace of God in vain,” that God having freely (not for the sake of our willing or running, but through the blood of the Lamb) reconciled us to himself, we run, in the strength which [God] hath given us, the way of [God’s] commandments.  “But can Christ be in the same heart where sin is?” Undoubtedly he can. Otherwise it never could be saved therefrom. Where the sickness is, there is the physician, “Carrying on his work within, striving till he cast out sin.” Christ indeed cannot reign, where sin reigns, neither will he dwell where any sin is allowed. But he is and dwells in the heart of every believer, who is fighting against all sin, although it be not yet purified, according to the purification of the sanctuary.


Written by Pete Briscoe, a contemporary pastor, radio host, and author.

Heavenly Father, we are saved by no works of our own, but by your sacrifice alone. Let us take joy in that, and glorify your name. Father, do not allow us to doubt your grace. You have taken every sin upon your shoulders, and washed away every blemish from our hearts. Amen.

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