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Live in the Present


Written by John Carmody (1939-1995), a professor of religious studies and author. This is an excerpt from his book “How to Make It Through the Day.”

The only time that is fully real is the present. Yesterday is old news and tomorrow is full of maybes. This is obvious enough when one reflects on it, but it takes most of us many years to realize its full implications. So most of us spend a great deal of our time daydreaming about the past or worrying about the future. Not realizing the value of the real bird we have in hand, we leave the present to go rooting in past or future bushes. As a result, the personal business that should stand highest on our agenda often never gets done. What is this personal business? Finding peace of mind, and so happiness, right here and now. Learning to live that we savor each day, waste none of the precious moments God has given us.


Written by Jerusalem Greer, a contemporary pastor, teacher, speaker, and author.

Oh God, help me be here. May I open my hands to what is instead of just waiting for what might be. Thank you for the signs of life around me.  Especially the messy ones. Help me know when to let go and when to hold tight. Forgive me for trying to do it all alone. May I accept help even when it is imperfect. Help me trust that I am loved. Just as I am. Thank you that you are you. And that you are good. Amen.

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