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Purpose and Passion


Written by Ken Boa, a contemporary pastor, writer, and president of Reflections Ministries. This is an excerpt from his book “Conformed to His Image: Biblical, Practical Approaches to Spiritual Formation.”

Why do you get up in the morning? What is your reason for being here? If you do not answer these questions about your purpose, the world will define your purpose by default. Arriving at a biblical understanding of purpose is fundamental to the way you live…Determining your purpose cannot stem from merely doing—your interior life fuels your purpose. You have a clear calling in Christ, but you must have intimacy with Christ in order to know your purpose and act on it. Excellence starts with the spiritual first, animating moral excellence, enhancing relational excellence, and leading to functional excellence. We are often more concerned with the exterior than the interior—in the life of the church, for example, we look at attendance, buildings, and finances instead of focusing on discipleship. But the quality of our interior life cannot be quantified. Our calling stems from that interior life. It can be easy to focus on surviving, just getting by—but we are here to thrive. God calls us to a purposeful life that bears fruit for Him. We set our standards too low if our only goal is simply to make it. Remembering death can help us develop a clearer sense of calling. We have all been given a death sentence. Unless the Lord returns first, every one of us will die. As a result, if our hope is in this world, we have a misplaced hope. We are called to anticipate the eternal—the true land of the living. Our calling transcends this world. What is this calling? First, we are called to a Person, Jesus Christ. Second, He calls us to express this relationship with Him in every aspect of our lives, recognizing that the final outcome of our lives is in His hands. We are agents of the kingdom to come, manifesting the life of that kingdom. With that sense of destiny, we walk in faith, hope, and love.


Written by Megan Bailey, a contemporary author and content producer.

Father, Give me a heart like that of Mary’s, willing to agree with Your Word, Your promises, and Your intent for my life. With Mary there was no negotiating, no hemming or hawing, no 24 hours to think about it, no keeping her options open. You simply spoke, and she unhesitatingly responded with a Yes. You have an intent for me. That purpose will have its challenges, its high points and low points, its joys and sorrows, but Your plan is far and above the best plan for my short life. May my soul be transformed into one that instantly obeys you, comes when You call, follows your lead, and believes Your Word even when I can’t fully comprehend it, for Your Word is Truth. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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