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Written by Maree Dee, a contemporary writer, speaker, advocate, and ministry leader.

From a biblical perspective, we see “joy” and “happiness” as two different things. Joy is a gift from God received when we choose to abide in him. It is based solely on our relationship with God. It will withstand the storms and not be dependent on our circumstances. Have you ever felt this kind of joy? It is incredible and makes no human sense. Our hearts can be full of delight even though our world appears to be crumbling all around us. Joy is dependent on our relationship with Christ, not on our circumstances.

Happiness is entirely dependent on what is going on around us or to us. When things are going well, we are happy, but the minute they take a turn for the worse our happiness goes away. Joy does not have to go away…In crises God and I are tight, and my faith is unwavering. Each of us has a vulnerable spot; mine happens to be when things are going well. I don’t always make him a priority and my dependence on him waivers.

Sometimes we do lose our joy, but the good news is we can find it with ease by turning to God who is always waiting for us. Is something hindering God’s joy from flowing into your life? You might ask yourself: Am I seeking happiness over joy? Do I spend time in His word? Is obedience to God a problem? Am I abiding in Christ – spending time and deepening my relationship with God? Remember we have to choose “joy” and trust God will restore it.  God does want us to have happiness in our lives but attaining joy must be the priority. Once you are abiding in him, by all means, make sure you are adding things to your life which make you happy. Knowing the difference between the two will be essential to attaining both. Remember joy is a gift! Don’t waste the gift or fail to open it. If you do, you could end up joyless and unhappy all at the same time. We know life is hard and we won’t always have happiness, but joy is something we can have in all circumstances.


Written by Meg Bucher, a contemporary writer and teacher.

All of creation reminds us of You. The beauty of nature and marvel of the changing seasons. The uniqueness in all of us and the diversity in the daily horizon. Surround us with reminders of You often, through nature, the people you place in our lives, and the Bible. May the Holy Spirit help us to understand Your Word, and will for our lives. Bless our hearts with sustaining joy, and the strength to hold onto it no matter what.

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