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Written by Evie Polsley, a contemporary author and marketing coordinator for Tyndale House Publishing.

I have the coolest job. Seriously, every day I get to read the Bible and dive into amazing content to find ways to bless others. Working at a Christian publishing house, I get to work with amazing men and women who have dedicated their lives to bringing God glory through the written Word. Still, there are times I just don’t want to go to work. Maybe there’s a huge presentation looming, I just can’t stand to look at one more spreadsheet, e-mails are piling up, or I once again have to use my “gift” of nagging so we can meet a hard deadline.  It’s during those moments of hair-pulling frustration that I usually see my friend Felix. I can’t think of one time when I haven’t seen Felix smiling as he diligently goes about his work. Vacuuming the stairs — amazingly done with a smile. Polishing a drinking fountain — it shines like nobody’s business, and Felix did it with a smile. That huge popcorn spill I had at my desk while nervously eating and trying to meet a deadline? You guessed it — Felix was there, helping me clean it with a joyful heart. God keeps teaching me through Felix that it’s not what we do but that we do it for God’s glory. We can be the most consistent Bible reader or a walking theology encyclopedia, but unless we apply God’s Word to our daily lives, we are empty.

Consider the Pharisees. They were the most biblically literate people around. They even knew the Law and the message of the prophets from memory, but when it came to their hearts and applying Scripture to their lives, they were in the negative zone…Every day we face situations small and large where we need to choose how to respond. So, am I like the Pharisees, living my life for show and the praise of others? Looking all put together on the outside — but really letting pride and selfishness take control on the inside? Or am I like my friend Felix, who allows Christ’s joy and love to shine through him no matter the task? When we read God’s Word, and apply it to our lives, we give God glory and praise. When we live out God’s truth, our lives are testimonies to His goodness, and we can bring real love and hope to a world that desperately needs it…our actions should be motivated by God’s love … in order to bring God glory. So, whatever I do — whether I’m eating or drinking, scrubbing toilets or finishing one more spreadsheet — I can pray: How am I honoring God? Lord, may everything I do be for Your Glory.


Written by Evie Posley, the author of our meditation.

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for Your amazing Word that helps me grow closer to You. May it never become just something I read, but always be a living, breathing, transforming power in my life. Please forgive me for the times I don’t apply it and instead turn to my selfish desires. I pray I never let anything too big or too small stop me from giving You glory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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