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Written by Margot Wallace.

Have you ever had to face your Mother at the lowest point in your life? The embarrassment and shame experienced upon the recognition by another, especially by a parent, of one’s inescapable situation is sometimes beyond words.  The event of Jesus meeting his Mother took place on the road to Golgotha before Simon of Cyrene was compelled by the guards to carry his cross. Only their eyes meet as Jesus’ mother, Mary, acknowledges his scorching pain, now beyond his control. This is known by some as the 4th station of Jesus’ cross.  Here Mary remains resolute in remorsefulness of this predicted moment. Her heart is heavy and breaks with sorrow.  In loving awareness, she feels her child’s suffering. The picture below was painted on site at San Louis Rey mission in Oceanside. Mary and Jesus are life-size bronze statues in the front of the Mission.  They are portrayed in the painting as in real-life.


A prayer for Good Friday from the PC USA Presbyterian Mission Agency.

Holy God, we remember Pilate’s question: What is truth? Now we have seen the truth: Jesus Christ, your Word made flesh, betrayed, denied, mocked and beaten, put to death on a cross, buried in the tomb. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy on us. We have seen the truth. But there is more … now show us the truth of your saving power; show us the way beyond the grave; show us the life that is everlasting; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Wattercolor “Jesus Meets His Mother, 4th Station of the Cross. Painted by Margot Wallace. John 19:26.


Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?. Pegasis. The song is an American spiritual that was  first published  in 1899.

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