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Applying Kindness

We are called to demonstrate kindness as an act of following in the footsteps of Jesus.  As Christians we need to do more than just deal with kindness in the abstract.  Christians need to apply kindness in our day-to-day lives.

We should begin by exhibiting kindness in our home.  We can get so busy with things we need to get done for ourselves or others that we begin to take advantage of those we care about the most.  Harsh words to our spouse or children can cut very deeply.  Daily words and acts of kindness among those we love most are a necessary part of living with each other and form family bonds that can last a lifetime.

We demonstrate kindness to our friends by providing time to meet with them and listen to them.  We can be there in both good times and times of need.  We can offer prayers and service.  We can offer hospitality and support.  We share life experiences with our friends in ways that bring memories and joy that are shared over time.

We should demonstrate kindness in our work life.  We want to achieve our goals by working well with others, even when we are faced with difficult people.  We can accomplish much by working together in kindness and toward common goals instead of getting into contentious relationships that are competing and power-based.  Recognizing colleagues efforts, giving credit for work accomplished, being a team player, and supporting each other to meet difficult schedules and goals can make our time at work better and can leave an imprint on those we work with.  This applies not only to paid employment, but also to work we do in service or through volunteering.

We should also seek opportunities to show kindness to strangers – those we encounter in our day-to-day life who are not part people we consider our family and friends.  This involves kindness to random people we meet through the day as we are in the marketplace, as we commute, or as we run errands.   It might be as simple as saying “have a nice day” to the bagger at the grocery store, or holding a door open for someone or smiling at someone who looks like they may need some encouragement.

We are kind not only because it helps people, but because it is a reflection of God in our life.  We do this to serve others and also to demonstrate God’s presence in the world today.


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