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Sometimes when we think about serving we decide not to because we are in a season of our life where we simply do not have time to volunteer or take on a project that would complicate our already busy lives.  But service doesn’t always need to be a big project or program.  Service can be reflected in the very way we live our lives.   Sometimes it is the small things we do that can have a big impact on others.  Saying good morning to your co-worker to brighten the day, kissing your spouse and letting to let them know they are loved, surprising a stranger by paying for their  groceries ,  holding the elevator for someone in a hurry, complementing someone to notice a job well done, hugging a friend to lend support.   Let’s be intentional.  Let’s allow the small things we do throughout our day make a big difference to others.  Our small actions, performed with love and concern for others, serve God’s kingdom well because they bring joy – both to ourselves and to others.

Great Things

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