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God has blessed each of us with unique abilities and gifts — talents.  When combined with our life experiences and personality, our talents makes us each designed in a way to specially serve in God’s kingdom.   We might be excellent cooks who share meals with the needy, crafters who bring the joy of homemade gifts, hosts who organize events to build community, vocalists who enrich worship, readers who share their love of literacy, artists who capture the beauty of God’s kingdom, teachers who enrich lives, …there are so many gifts and so many ways to share.

Our talents were given to us in order to share them – and we in turn benefit from the talents and gifts God provides others. God calls us to serve and He equips us to serve – He provides us the gifts and talents we can use to benefit others.  When we are using our God-given talents,  we enjoy sharing them and our service is pleasant and it turns into a joy!

How well are you managing your talents?  What are the talents God has given you and how can you use them to serve others?  Let’s commit to using our talents wisely and for the service of others!


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