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This week’s study is about “bubbling over with kindness”.  It is an invitation to celebrate the kindness of God by reflecting God’s kindness in our everyday relationships.  Kindness begins with caring and requires that we look beyond ourselves and recognize the needs of others.  It means not being so busy and overloaded that we charge forward without paying any attention to those in our path.  How can we be kind?  It may be as simple as taking time to be with family and friends.  It may be by helping out when a team member at work or school is experiencing difficulty.  It may be as simple as not being impatient and rude if the person ahead of us in the grocery line is having a hard time getting organized at the checkout counter or someone is driving slowly in the fast lane.  We might take the time to call, write or visit someone who would love to hear from us.  Kindness is contagious.   When you experience kindness, pass it along and think about the ways you experience and share God’s love and kindness each day.


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