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Written by Dave Collins, a contemporary pastor, missionary, educator, international development worker, and founder of Paradigm Ministries.

I have watched you, Lord, through the lens of my own desperation. Bills coming due, income uncertain. I have watched you meet my needs, then go beyond the need to pleasures. Then go beyond the pleasures to blessings, then beyond the blessings to extravagance. It overwhelmed me. What I didn’t realize was that, in the extravagance, I shifted my sights to the blessings rather than to their Source. I began to look to see what else you would do instead of keeping my eyes on you. Your somehow became secondary to what I was receiving. The subtlety of blessing is that it is good; it is meant to be enjoyed. It isn’t meant to replace the pleasure of intimacy with God. Rather, it is designed to enhance it. So the question comes down to: When abundance becomes the norm, how can I keep my soul needy rather than distracted? What enables me to purchase extravagance? It is my willingness, my thirst. It draws me to want more. It doesn’t cease to be needy because it recognizes what is good and also what does not satisfy. Don’t become so enamored with the blessing that you pursue it rather than the Source. His invitation, though whispered, still penetrates to the place where I can hear him. “Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good…Give ear and come to me; listen that you may live. I will make an everlasting covenant with you…”


Written by Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109), a Benedictine monk, abbot, philosopher, and Christian theologian. He served as the archbishop of Canterbury from 1093-1109.

O almighty and merciful Father,

you pour out your benefits on us,

forgive our unthankfulness for your goodness.

We have stood before you with dead and senseless hearts,

unkindled by the love

of your gentle and enduring goodness.

O merciful Father, turn us and we will be turned.

Make us hunger and thirst for you with our whole heart,

and with all our longing desire you.

Make us serve you with our whole heart

and with all our zeal seek whatever is pleasing in your sight;

for the sake of your only Son,

to whom with you and the Holy Spirit be all honor and glory,

for ever and ever. Amen.

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