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More Consistency


Written by Anne Graham Lotz, a contemporary speaker, author, and founder of AnGeL Ministries. This is an excerpt from her book “My Heart’s Cry.”

The branch is totally, absolutely, completely dependent upon the Vine, not only for fruit but for life. Whether because of pride or fear or some other reason, we as branches seem to struggle with being totally dependent on the Vine. In what areas of your life are you acting independently of the Vine? I can usually determine these areas by just checking my prayer life. The items I have not prayed about— the people and problems, the relationships and responsibilities, the activities and attitudes, the schedules and stress, the entertainment and exercise, the pleasures and pastimes, the decisions and dreams, the desires and diets, anything and everything—are those areas of my life where I am not dependent upon Him. If my heart’s cry is for more of His fruitfulness, then one of the goals of my life needs to be more consistency in my dependency. 


Written by Paige Deane, a contemporary author.

Lord, you are the master gardener. You know what is best for your harvest. Help me to abide in you so that you might abide in me and I could be in a good relationship with you. Thank you for sending your son to make that relationship possible. I know that to be your disciple I need to take the time to be with you and to build a stronger relationship with you. Help me to spend time in your Word so that I understand your teachings and your character. Help me to be in consistent prayer and worship with you. Lord, even in the seasons of waiting, when it feels like nothing is happening. Lord, help me to abide. I just want to be with you, Lord. Amen.

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