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The Getting of Wisdom


Written by David Reay, a contemporary Anglican minister and writer.

We live in an information-saturated age. We can discover much about everything but yet that doesn’t mean all that information grants us true knowledge. Some of that information may be false or irrelevant. Mere accumulation of information does not necessarily make us knowledgeable. And mere accumulation of knowledge will not grant us wisdom. Knowledge is a true and balanced grasp of the facts. Wisdom is knowing what to do with those facts. Someone might share a problem with me which gives me information. Through discussion about the problem, I gain more knowledge of it. But I need wisdom to know how to respond, how to apply that knowledge I have gained. Wisdom is about discerning what to do with what we know. In biblical terms, it is to do with putting biblical principles into practice. God will give me this wisdom, but only if I am prepared to act on it. If I am not convinced his wise way is the best, then he will not give me wisdom. He wants some assurance I will follow it. In times of trial, we should pray for wisdom, but with a conviction that when it comes, we will embrace it. Being knowledgeable can be a blessing but being wise is the greater blessing. Knowledge may help you make a living. Wisdom helps you make a life.


Written by Dan Britton, a contemporary athlete and author.

Father, I ask for wisdom, discernment, and understating. Help me to realize that all things come from You alone. You are so good, generous, and gracious. When the opposition comes, help me to keep my eyes fixed on You. Give me God-sized courage to obey. Finally, I will celebrate the outcome – no matter what. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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