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Written by A. W. Tozer (1897-1963), an American pastor, author, magazine editor, and spiritual mentor. 

Any serious-minded Christian may at some time find himself wondering whether the service he is giving to God is the best it could be. He may even have times of doubting, and fear that his toil is fruitless and his life empty. This is not as bad as it sounds and may actually prove to be an excellent thing for him—if he knows how to use it. Christian service, like every other phase of religion, can become a very hollow affair. The church has marked out certain work and approved it as service acceptable to God, and for the most part the church has been right. But is should be kept in mind that it is not the kind or quantity of work that makes it true service—it is the quality. Before the judgment seat of Christ, very little will be heard of numbers or size; moral quality is about all that will matter then. If we are wise we will give attention now to the quality of our service; it is obvious that it will be too late to do anything about it when the service is ended and the account rendered up.


Written by Betty McElwee (1935-2011), an American author.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this day.

Hold my hand and give me courage

to carry the cross You have chosen for me.

Let me never complain.

Let me smile and give strength

to my family and friends

and to all I come in contact with.

I accept what I have and will not ask, “Why me?”

I will fight until You take me

because it is my belief that I was made

to serve You on earth – and death is my final reward.

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