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God’s Justice


Written by Dr. Bill Bright (1921-2003), an American evangelist, author, and founder of Campus Crusade for Christ. This is an excerpt from his book “The Joy of Trusting God.”

Justice is not an external system to which God tries to adhere. He did not have to go to law school to learn how to apply the law. His justice comes out of His inner being and is based on His holiness, truthfulness, and righteousness…God cannot be bribed or corrupted, because His judgments are grounded in integrity. He has all the facts at His disposal, so He cannot be fooled. His decisions are always based upon absolute truth. And when God pronounces judgment, He has the power to carry out the punishment. God’s standard is the benchmark by which all human behavior is measured. God always acts in a way consistent with the requirements of His character as revealed in His law. He rules His creation with honesty. He keeps His word. He renders to all His creatures their due. God’s attributes assure us of justice. If He were not all-knowing, how could He know whether we sinned willingly or manipulated the facts to serve our purposes? If He were not present everywhere at once, how could He know all the circumstances surrounding the issue before Him? If He were not all-wise, how could He carry out the judgment in a totally fair way?  … Since God’s laws are perfect, His justice is also without flaw. As the holy and righteous sovereign of the universe, God cannot ignore or overlook any act of sin. God hates sin with a holy passion. God’s anger over sin should never be underestimated.  


Written by Carrie Marrs, a contemporary writer and editor with a background in biblical theology and Christian ministry.

God, You’ve shown us what is good: to act justly and to do what is fair to others. You’ve sent Your Son to provide peace and the bond of true fellowship. Open our eyes to the needs of others — of all the different types of people in this world. Lead us out of our comfort zones so we can bless and build bonds with people who are different from us. Lead us in respectful service toward one another, treating each other as brothers and sisters. May we be instruments in Your hands as You bring Your kingdom of justice and peace. May we spread Your goodness and bring many to join us in living close to You in Your glory and love. Amen.

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