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Have a Little Faith


Written by Vicki Kemper, a contemporary American pastor.

Back in the before times, I used to do this thing called Blessings to Go. I would stand on the sidewalk, at the Pride Parade, in the Old City of Jerusalem, or some other public space with a sandwich sign that said “Blessings to Go” on one side and “Ask me for a blessing” on the other. And people did ask. College students and senior citizens, parents with toddlers, folks from the local synagogue, people who’d never set foot in a church, and people who’d sworn never to go back. Drivers who saw my sign and made a U-turn in the middle of the street. I heard heartbreaking stories and fantastic hopes. One day a woman asked me to pray that she would conceive a child. A couple of months later I ran into her. “Do you remember me?” she asked, her face beaming. “I haven’t told many people yet, but your prayer worked! I’m going to have a baby!” I was thrilled for her, and … I don’t believe prayer is magic. I’ve seen plenty of bad things happen to good, faithful people. And I know some of us, myself included, spend lifetimes praying for blessings that haven’t come. But I’ve also seen how humble trust in God’s goodness can open our hearts to receive a flood of unexpected grace. While I might have a hard time believing all things are possible, I choose to trust that more things are more possible than I think.  


Written by Vicki Kemper, the author of today’s meditation.

I do have faith, God. Mostly. Some of the time. Help my lack of faith!

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