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Written by Scotty Smith is a contemporary pastor. This is an excerpt from his book “Everyday prayers”

In Rome I’ve seen statues of the various gods that filled the temples and lifestyle of that great ancient city. In London I’ve visited the biggest Hindu temple in the city and wandered from station to station as worshipers offered prayers and gifts to deities that looked so strange to me. In Israel I studied decaying remains of various idols that competed for the worship of the people of God. Idolatry is everywhere because there’s no such thing as a non-worshiper. Yet, to keep myself from idols requires so much more than simply staying away from ancient sites, pagan temples, and man-made idols. I’ve never been more aware of the invisible pantheon of idols that are constantly angling and clamoring for my heart’s worship. How I wish that as soon as I was placed in Christ my struggle with idolatry would have ceased. That’s simply not the case.

God, Sometimes the approval or rejection of people has more sway over my heart than what you think about me. Sometimes my need to be right is more compelling to me than being righteous in Christ. Sometimes my desire to be in control of people and circumstances claims much more of my time and energy than seeking your face, savoring your grace, and serving your Son—the true King. These are just a few of the things that bear the marks of idolatry in my heart.


Written by Scotty Smith, author of today’s meditation.

Have mercy on me, Father, and free my foolish heart from giving anything or anyone the attention, allegiance, affection, and adoration you alone deserve. The fact that I’m one of your “dear children” – forgiven, secure, righteous, and beloved in Christ – should be all the motivation I need to keep myself from any form of idolatry. May the gospel of your grace relentlessly expose and dethrone all “empty nothings” from my heart. I pray in Jesus’ most worthy name. Amen.

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