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This meditation is from a daily devotional from Worthy Ministries.

A young couple was visiting a renowned jewelry store in New York City. They browsed through cases of magnificent diamonds with their gleaming yellow light along with many other splendid precious stones. Among those beautiful stones, one in particular caught his wife’s eye. It was completely lusterless and didn’t seem to be in the right place.

“That is one terrible looking stone, do you see that?” she said. The curious husband asked a clerk if they could see the stone. The clerk opened the case, took out the stone and held it in his hand for a few minutes. When he opened it, there was a perfectly flawless stone. There was not a place on it that didn’t gleam with the splendor of the rainbow. “How did you do that?”, they asked in surprise. “This is an opal”, he replied. “It is what we call the sympathetic jewel. It only needs contact with the human hand to bring out its wonderful beauty.”

Merely a touch brings out this stone’s beauty. We live in a world where beauty is hidden under pain, sin, and suffering. How many lives only need the warm touch of human sympathy, love, and compassion, to make them gleam with a radiant splendor? Reach out and touch someone today for His glory! Share with them the love of God and not only will they receive a glimmer of joy, but you will gleam with His radiance too! When the Lord asked whom shall I send, Isaiah replied “Hineni (here am I)”.  Let’s say “Hineni” today and be used by the Lord to bring out the beauty of those around us!


Written by George Whitefield (1714-1770), an English Anglican cleric and evangelist who was one of the founders of Methodism and the evangelical movement.

You who holds the wind in your fists, and the waters in the palms of your hands, accept our thanks for your past mercies. Set apart our travels, and if it is best, carry us with speed to where we should go. Send me wherever and whenever it seems good to your divine majesty.

Raise my heart and make your power known in the hearts of your people. Add daily to your church those who will be saved. They are noted in your book; let them also be written on my heart.  Come Lord Jesus, come quickly. Amen.

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