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Lifestyle For Jesus


Excerpted from the NIV Student Bible Notes “100 People You Should Know: John the Baptist.”

Those who scramble to keep up with the latest trends often have one goal in mind: turn as many heads as possible. Whether it’s sporting the latest fashion, carrying the newest smartphone, or being first in line for the next-generation gadget, the new must stand out to gain attention.

John the Baptist was something new, and he certainly stood out from his surroundings. Though he could have been a priest like his father, he exchanged those linen robes for a garment of coarse camel’s hair. He took to the wilderness, scavenging grasshoppers and wild honey rather than settling in Jerusalem where he could have savored a portion of the offerings people presented to God.

John’s unusual style helped direct attention to his burning message: The Messiah was about to arrive, and people must change their ways. Crowds flocked to hear John, and he baptized them in the Jordan River as a sign of their repentance, thus earning for himself the nickname “the Baptist.” 

How can your lifestyle help prepare people for Jesus?


Adapted from a prayer written by Sarah Martin, a contemporary Christian author from her book  “The Awe and Wonder of Advent.”

Father, just as You sent John the Baptist to prepare the way for Jesus, help me to clear the path in my heart, too. Show me the distractions in my life that block me from all-out worship of You. I look toward the day where I will see You face to face. I imagine what it will be like. Give me a heart, Lord, that looks for Your coming on a daily basis. Help me to live my life where I’m constantly seeking Your presence. My offering to You today is my righteous life for I know I am only clean because of Jesus. Show me today how I need to be refined, purified, forgiven. Give me the strength to ask for forgiveness and to then change my ways. Amen.

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