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Defining God


Written by Beth Moore, contemporary Christian speaker and author.  This is an excerpt from her book “Believing God.”

All human attempts to define God cannot help but minimize Him. We somehow want to neatly package God and make everything about Him explainable. We decide that what’s not explainable is not plausible. We try to make God behave and fit into our textbooks. We want Him to call down and not be so … God-ish. We decide we will only believe what we can humanly reconcile. Our pride and desperation to feel smart has made us unwilling to give the only human answer that exists to some theological questions: “I do not know. But I know that what He says is true even when I can’t explain it or reconcile it with what has happened.”

All attempts to take away the mystery and wonder that surround God leave Him something He is not. We cannot tame the Lion of Judah. There is a mystery, a wonder, and, yes, even a wildness about God we cannot take from Him. Nor would we want to if we could grasp the adventure of Him. If we can come up with a God we can fully explain, we have come up with a different God from the Bible’s. We must beware of recreating an image of God that makes us feel better. If in our pursuit of greater knowledge God seems to have gotten smaller, we have been deceived. I don’t care how intelligent the deceiver seems or how well-meaning and sincere his or her doctrine. We are wise to ask ourselves the question: Who do I say God is? Great wisdom is found in having the courage to take an inventory of how we have developed our present perceptions of God and how Biblically accurate they are.


Written by Karen Moore, a contemporary author of books, poetry, and prayer.

Lord, for all those who don’t yet know Your mighty and powerful love, please help them find you. Pour out your mercy on their hearts and kindle the flame of faith in a new and passionate way into their spirits. As they walk toward You, Lord even a little bit, run toward them as the Father did in the story of the Prodigal son and bring them back home again to celebrate in great joy. May your light shine on in their hearts and minds forever. Amen.

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