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Written by Carlo Carretto (1910-1988), an Italian religious author of the congregation of the Little Brothers of the Gospel. Excerpted from his book “I, Francis.”

And so, when we had a decision to make, we would open the Gospel at random, after having said a little prayer, and then we did whatever was written, without adding anything. This manner of action gave us a boundless liberty, and nurtured simplicity of heart with some solid food. Another important element taking shape in the community we were forming was the primacy of faith instead of structures. We felt ourselves to be a community in search of God, not a seminary for the priesthood. What made us one was Christ, and the imitation of him gave meaning to the manner of living of each one of us. There was the whole expression around us of the life of a simple Christian.


Written by Angela of Foligno (1248-1309), an Italian Franciscan tertiary who became known as a mystic from her extensive writings about her mystical revelations. She also founded a religious community that cares for those in need.  It is still active today.

O Lord Jesus Christ, make me worthy to understand the profound mystery of your holy incarnation, which you have worked for our sake and for our salvation. Truly there is nothing so great and wonderful as this, that you, my God, who are the creator of all things, should become a creature, so that we should become like God. You have humbled yourself and made yourself small that we might be made mighty. You have taken the form of a servant, so that you might confer upon us a royal and divine beauty. You, who are beyond our understanding, have made yourself understandable to us in Jesus Christ. You, who are the uncreated God, have made yourself a creature for us. You, who are the untouchable One, have made yourself touchable to us. You, who are most high, make us capable of understanding your amazing love and the wonderful things you have done for us. Make us able to understand the mystery of your incarnation, the mystery of your life, example, and doctrine, the mystery of your cross and passion, the mystery of your resurrection and ascension. Blessed are you, O Lord, for coming to earth as a man. Amen.

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