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Times of Transition


Written by Michael Cromartie, Vice President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. This is excerpted from his article “What Now? Faithful Living in Challenging Times.”

Many important commentators are saying we are living in a time of “great transition.” This “time of transition” is really the very nature of our lives in our earthly existence. We are always living in a time of transition. And so we are today. We have this tendency to see our era as the worst era in all of history. Times may be growing dark—but times have been dark since the Fall in the Garden of Eden. We are not, and will not, be the losers in history. The arc of history is long, but we know with confidence how it ends. And so there is comfort in the midst of all this transition: the central doctrines of the sovereignty of God and the providence of God over all of life, and over all of history and where it is going, should give us confidence that the principalities and powers of this age will not have the final word.

And therefore let’s continue to love our neighbors right where we are–in our work places, in our businesses, in all areas of life, and let’s ride out this cultural moment in the full confidence that God is the sovereign Lord of history and all of history is in His hands. Our task is to bless our neighbors, cultivate Shalom, and continue to remind people of the wonderful news of the gospel (especially since we will need to be poised to receive the wounded who will be the inevitable victims of our current cultural malaise and dysfunctions). Let us continue to keep doing all the good we can, in all the many ways we can, confident in our strong faith in our loving and merciful God. Knowing this will keep us from panicking; it will keep us from screaming, from freaking out, or from caving into the pressures that surround us on every side. And so we must do our various duties faithfully while living in exile, fully aware and confident that the final consummation of history and true justice will come with the restoration of the entire universe to its original, created glory. So, let’s continue to faithfully do our duties, even while in exile.


This prayer if from the Roman Breviary, a liturgical book of the Latin liturgical rites published in 1482. It became known as the “Liturgy of the Hours.”

O almighty God, we seek the shelter of your protection.

Defend us from all evils, that we may serve you in peace and quietness of spirit;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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