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Works of Mercy

Today’s reflection is from a sermon given by Leo the Great (AD 390 – 461), a Roman aristocrat, Christian theologian, and Pope from AD 440-461.  

Let works of mercy, therefore, be our delight, and let us be filled with those kinds of food that feed us for eternity. Let us rejoice in the replenishment of the poor, whom our bounty has satisfied. Let us delight in the clothing of those whose nakedness we have covered with needful raiment. Let our humaneness be felt by the sick in their illnesses, by the weakly in their infirmities, by the exiles in their hardships, by the orphans in their destitution, and by solitary widows in their sadness: in the helping of whom there is no one that cannot carry out some amount of benevolence. For no one’s income is small whose heart is big, and the measure of one’s mercy and goodness does not depend on the size of one’s means. Wealth of good will is never rightly lacking, even in a slender purse. Doubtless the expenditure of the rich is greater and that of the poor smaller, but there is no difference in the fruit of their works where the purpose of the workers is the same.

21 MAR 2017 Matthew 5-6

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