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Inexpressible Gift

The Syro-Malabar Church traces its origin to Thomas the Apostle, who, according to tradition, came to the Malabar coast of southern India (Kerala state today), landed at Cranganore about 52 A.D., and founded seven Christian communities. The early Christians of southern India became known as St. Thomas Christians, and this name persists today. This prayer is from the 5th century liturgy of the church.

Grant, O Lord Jesus,

that the ears which have heard the voice of your songs may be closed to the voice of dispute;

that the eyes which have seen your great love may also behold your blessed hope;

that the tongues which have sung your praise may speak the truth in love;

that the feet which have walked in your courts may walk in the region of light;

and that the bodies which have received your living body may be restored in newness of life.

Glory to you for your inexpressible gift.   Amen.

12 MAR 2017 2 COR 9 15

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