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Teach Me

Today’s prayer is by Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109), a Benedictine monk, abbot, philosopher and Christian theologian. He served as the archbishop of Canterbury from 1093-1109.

O Lord my God.

Teach my heart this day

where and how to find you.


You have made me and re-made me,

and you have bestowed on me

all the good things I possess,

and still I do not know you.

I have not yet done

that for which I was made.


Teach me to seek you,

for I cannot seek you

unless you teach me,

or find you

unless you show yourself to me.


Let me seek you in my desire;

let me desire you in my seeking.

Let me find you by loving you;

let me love you when I find you.

9 MAR 2017 MATTHEW 7-7

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