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Written by Joyce Huggett (1937-2017), an author, speaker, and broadcaster. She is considered to be a modern pioneer in the area of contemplative spirituality.

“Meditation” and “contemplation” are often used interchangeably. This is understandable because certain similarities suggest that the two forms of prayer are synonymous. Like meditation, contemplation involves putting ourselves into the hands of God so that he can change and transform our attitudes, perceptions, and behavior. Like meditation, contemplation involves listening intently to the Word of God. And like meditation, contemplation requires stillness in order that we may open ourselves to God and his penetrating, powerful Word. But meditation and contemplation are also marked by certain differences so they should not be confused with each other. Thomas Merton summed it up when he said: “Contemplation is nothing else but the perfection of love.” Or, as others have defined it, contemplation is the prayer of loving regard, the prayer of loving attentiveness, the art of paying rapt and loving attention to God and his world. Contemplation is about growing in love. If we take the work of contemplation seriously, we cannot escape the theme of love—of God’s inexhaustible love for us, for people everywhere, for the whole creation…Contemplation is to know and love God perfectly in the depths of your being. Contemplation goes further and deeper than meditation. While the person meditation mutters and muses on God’s word, the contemplative pays silent attention to Jesus, the living Word—the one who is central to their prayer. Indeed, contemplation goes one step further. Contemplation goes beyond words and symbols and concepts to the reality words and concepts describe.


Written by Shawn Kafader, a contemporary ordained nondenominational minister and counselor.

Lord, let me no longer be content to live at a distance from you. In your great grace kindle a desire in my heart to be more closely united to you. Fasten me to you with a loving leash of longing for a more perfect life. Amen.

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