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Navigating Life


Written by Timothy Keller, a contemporary pastor and author.

Fools live in a dream of metaphysical self-sufficiency. They think they have everything sorted, and the complacency leads to disaster. But the opposite of complacency – anxiety – is no solution. We can lose our overconfidence and still be at ease, without fear if we remember that we have the omnipotent, sovereign Lord of the universe as our Father. If God did not spare us His own Son, how will He not give us whatever we need in Him through the power of the Holy Spirit?


Today’s prayer is from the PC-USA Book of Common Worship.

God of love,

as in Jesus Christ you gave yourself to us,

so may we give ourselves to you,

living according to your holy will.

Keep our feet firmly in the way

where Christ leads us;

make our mouths speak the truth

that Christ teaches us;

fill our bodies with the life

that is Christ within us.

 In his holy name we pray. Amen.

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