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The Global Church


Written by Mark Mueller, Executive Director of the Outreach Foundation, an organization supported by the Village Church with the mission of “Engaging followers of Christ for his work in the world.”

The global church stands in stark contrast to the darkness in the world today. I have just returned from Aleppo, Syria where I witnessed, once again that darkness will never extinguish the light of Christ. More than 10 years ago, 70% of the city of Aleppo was destroyed by ISIS, including the Presbyterian church. Yet, the resilient saints of the church rebuilt. On our recent visit, 275 church members packed the new church on a Tuesday evening, singing songs of thanksgiving to God. 75 children sang songs of triumph. Awards were given to young adults for their participation in a city-wide Bible competition. The Outreach Foundation was thanked profusely for its support. We will soon embark on renovating the Aleppo church basement. Why? They need additional Sunday school rooms for all the children that flock to the church to learn about Jesus.


Written by Rev. Michaela Youngson, a Methodist minister from London. She is a poet, author, and broadcaster.

 Merciful Father, you have not stood aloof from our joys and sorrows, but, in your Son Jesus Christ, you have entered into our happiness and our sadness.

Teach us that it is by involving ourselves in all that enriches human life that true meaning is to be found, and that it is by keeping ourselves from all that debases human life that true joy is to be experienced. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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