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Seeking God


Written by Trevor Hudson, a contemporary South African pastor, author, and speaker. This is an excerpt from his book “Seeking God.”

We yearn for intimacy, belonging, significance, transformation, power, and eternity. This longing is written in capital letters onto the emptiness of our souls, the pain of our lives, the struggles of our relationships, and the strife of our shattered communities. The good news is that amid our searching lives, our broken relationships, our battles with addiction, our desperate reaching out for something more, our fractured and hurting world, Jesus Christ reaches out to us with the compelling vision of another kind of life. He comes to us in his risen presence and says to each one of us: It doesn’t have to be this way. Another kind of life is available to you. You are invited into an intimate pilgrimage to the heart of my Abba Father, who loves you beyond your wildest imaginings. As you keep company with me, my sisters and brothers will become your new family. Over time I will reveal to you God’s personal calling for your life. I will show you how you can partner with me in healing my Father’s world. Along the way I will slowly transform you into the loving, compassionate, and generous person you were meant to be. My powerful Spirit will set you free from whatever enslaves you and will empower you to act on behalf of the common good. Above all, there is nothing that will ever separate you from the Father’s love with which I love you. This is the divine vision I have for your one life on earth.

When we reimagine this life offered to us by God, when our hearts are moved by the vision of living in the eternal Kingdom now, we begin to seek it. This life is not for passive observers, nor for uninvolved spectators. It is for those serious enough to ache for it, reach out for it, and turn in to it…and who are willing to give up whatever is necessary to obtain it. If we want to enter this life that God gives, you and I must become seekers.


Written by Trevor Hudson, the author of today’s meditation.

Lord Jesus Christ, your good news has found its way into my heart. Thank you for the divine life that your own life, death, and resurrection make possible for me today. I have caught a glimpse of what this life looks like in your own life, and I yearn to know it for  myself. Today I turn toward you, trusting that this is your vision for my life here on earth. As I learn what it means to seek you and the life you give, may your Spirit show me my next step.

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