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Written by Valerie Hess, a contemporary Christian author, speaker, and musician. This is an excerpt from her book “Spiritual Disciplines Devotional.”

When I teach about worship, I often ask the question, if corporate worship were likened to a football game, who represents the players, who represents the cheerleaders and who represents the fans? Many people see God in the role of the players and the congregation in the role of the fans, but that is a false view that can affect the way we worship.

In reality, God is in the stands watching us, the players on the field, worship. We are being cheered on, so to speak, by worship leaders. When we view ourselves as sitting in the stands watching, we may not be motivated to do our part. We may think we need to sit in the pew and watch while the pastor and the choir worship for us, or worse, entertain us. In truth, God is sitting in the pew watching as we worship. (This analogy is imperfect because God is also there in Word and Sacrament, hosting us in the Eucharist, inviting us closer to him in the Scripture readings; but for now we will focus on the other side of this worship reality.)

The root of the word liturgy means “the work of the people.” The liturgy is meant to be done by the people, not for the people. This concept destroys the notion that worship is to make me feel good. True worship of God may actually make us uncomfortable if we are honest.


From the Daybreak Office of the Eastern Church, prayers said at dawn in the Byzantine Rite of the Eastern Orthodox Church                                                                                                                              

Lord God of our salvation,

we thank you

for all good things you do in our lives.

Help us always to look to you,

the Savior and Benefactor of our souls.

You have refreshed us in the past night,

raised us up from our beds,

and brought us to worship your glorious name.

Give us grace and power

that we may sing your praise with understanding,

pray to you without ceasing,

and continue to work out our salvation

with fear and trembling;

through the aid of your Christ. Amen.

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