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A Devout and Holy Life


Written by William Law (1686-1761), a Church of England priest who refused to swear an oath of allegiance to the German George I to the English throne. This is an excerpt from his book “A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life.”

Thus, one who makes it a rule to be content in every part and accident of life because it comes from God praises God in a much higher manner than one who has some set time for the singing of psalms. The person who dares not say an ill-natured word or do an unreasonable thing because he or she considers God as everywhere present performs a better devotion than the person who dares not miss the church. To live in the world as a stranger and a pilgrim, using all its enjoyments as if we used them not, making all our actions as so many steps toward a better life, is offering a better sacrifice to God than any forms of holy and heavenly prayers.

To be humble in our actions, to avoid every appearance of pride and vanity, to be meek and lowly in our words, actions, dress, behavior, and designs – all in imitation of our blessed Savior—is worshiping God in a higher manner than do they who have only stated times to fall low on their knees in devotions. Those who content themselves with necessities that they may give the remainder to those who need it; who dare not spend any money foolishly because they consider it as a talent from God, which must be used according to his will, praise God with something that is more glorious than songs of praise.


Written by John Robinson (1576-1625), the pastor of the Pilgrim Fathers before they left on the Mayflower and considered one of the founders of the Congregational Church.

Through Christ, the only master and teacher of his church, to you be praise forever. God the Father, for your Son Christ’s sake, show your mercy every time we stray. Reveal our sins to us more and more. Keep us in, and lead us to your truth. Show us how to be faithful in everything we have received, whether it be less or more, and preserve us against all the scandals the whole world is filled with. Amen.

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