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The Yoke of Jesus

In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus offers us rest.  He asks us to turn over our burdens and be yoked to Him.  He asks us to stop trying to take on all of life’s problems on our own.

We do not live a life of total independence and are all yoked to something.  Who or what are you yoked to now?  Your responsibilities?  Your work?  Your friends and family? Your past?  Your guilt?

What kind of rest do you need?  Physical rest?  Rest from fears and doubts? Spiritual rest?  Rest from worry?  Rest from trying so hard to be in control? Rest from frustration and failure?

Jesus asks us to take off the yoke of the world and replace it with His yoke.  He offers that when we do this He will be with us to help cope with life’s burdens.  When we put on Jesus’  yoke we will have His love and energy to help our families, friends and neighbors, His peace to cope with problems, His mercy and grace to overcome our shortcomings, and we will have the stamina to do the work He has called us to do.

Jesus offers us real rest – rest for our souls – a rest that is reflected in our lives as disciples of Christ.

Yoke of Jesus

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