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Prayer of Apollonius

Apollonius (2nd century AD)  was an illustrious Roman, perhaps a senator, and an exceedingly talented man, well versed in philosophy. He was denounced as a Christian. According to Saint Jerome, when he was summoned to defend himself, he read to the senate, “a remarkable volume” in which, instead of recanting, he defended the Christian faith. As a result, he was condemned to death on the basis of the law established by the Emperor Trajan.  Apollonius was not afraid to die, because, he said: “There is waiting for me something better: eternal life, given to the person who has lived well on earth.” And he argued for the superiority of Christianity’s concepts of death and life.

A prayer attributed to him is as relevant today as in his own day:

“O Lord Jesus Christ, give us a measure of your Spirit that we may be enabled to obey your teaching:  to pacify anger, to take part in pity, to moderate desire, to increase love, to put away sorrow, to cast away vain glory, not to be vindictive, not to fear death; ever entrusting our spirit to the immortal God who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns world without end.”


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