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Written by Phil Rehberg, a former pastor and attorney. He is currently an author and director of Road to New Life Ministries.

It’s not reasonable to expect unbelievers to act like believers. Therefore, it is not appropriate to have an accusatory attitude toward them or express forms of accusation to them. We are in this world as lights, not as adversaries to the world. We love our enemies as well as those who are not our enemies (which I think covers everyone.) If we should reach the point of discussing the way of salvation with them, then we need to say words to convict them of sin. Until then, we should try to understand unbelievers and convey God’s goodness and blessings for them. If we change our expectations, we won’t be so discouraged when our culture is destructive. In America, our dominant culture has become narcissistic and hedonistic. Self-righteousness abounds, reminding us of the Pharisees that Jesus faced; but American Pharisees are secular activists who condemn anyone who does not follow their preferred rules for social engagement, which conflict with Jesus’ teachings. This is very disturbing and sad for believers, but we need to respond in a Christlike way. Instead of thinking we have a right to live in the kind of place we want, it might help to think of ourselves as missionaries in our community and our world. As missionaries, we need to understand the culture around us. We need to understand how the people around us think and live. Since there is such a diversity of views wherever we go, our lives are a constant cross-cultural experience. Even talking to our neighbor is often a cross-cultural experience. Once we get to know someone and understand them a little, then we can think about finding the right words and actions that will draw them to God. This is what Jesus did, and what Paul did when he went to Athens and Corinth which had a tremendous variety of philosophies. Paul didn’t condemn them; instead, he used a poem from one of their poets to reach them… It’s a matter of loving people enough to put the effort into discovering how to connect with their hearts. Have you been getting to know and understand an unbeliever around you? Do you know about their beliefs, hopes, fears, pains, and joys?


Written by Megan Bailey, a contemporary writer and content producer.

Lord, I know it is my duty to spread the Word of God and show others the glory that can be found within You. Many people come to faith after seeing Christ’s loved displayed through the ministry of Christians. So today, I pray for opportunities to minister to unbelievers. Help me to spread Your ministry effectively to those who do not know you. I pray that You work through other Christians, so that they have the ability to minister to nonbelievers too. Lead us all to opportunities to encounter those who do not know Jesus. Let us all be an example of Christian living. Amen. 

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