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Written by John E. Biersdoft, a contemporary pastor and author. This is from his book “Healing of Purpose.”

Love, according to the Christian gospel, is what God is about. Therefore, according to the same gospel, love is what we are to be about. Love completes the dimensions of commitment and freedom. By commitment we take charge of our commitment intimations from God that the world is not random chaos, but an arena for purposeful activity to bring all things to God. As we mature in our commitments and participation in God’s mission in the world, we come to moments of freedom when the creation becomes transparent, and the bright epiphany of God’s direct and immediate presence shines through phenomenal reality. Then we see that God is all in all, in all things arising and passing away. In those moments of meditation we realize that reality is infinitely more marvelously magical than any supernatural expectations we could have manufactured. We are truly surprised by God and know that in the ultimate sense there are no limits—all things are possible for those who love God, who are called according to God’s promise.


Written by Margaret Grun Kibben, contemporary Chaplain to the US House of Representatives and former Chief of Chaplains for the US Navy.

Gracious God, we earnestly pray today to walk in Your presence. With You beside us, may Your nearness both inspire and compel us to take steps in response to Your divine mercy, in obedience to Your divine guidance, and in gratitude for Your divine compassion for us.

May each thought that comes to our minds be of Your will. May each aspiration our souls conjure be worthy of Your blessing. May every action we take reveal Your love to those who need it so desperately. May every word we speak give honor to You.

It is our humble prayer that in everything we do today, we would be instruments of Your transcendent love in this place, of Your sacrificial love for all of creation, and of Your redeeming love for this world and for each of Your children. We offer ourselves to You in the hope of Your mercy and in the strength of Your name. Amen.

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