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The Creche

Close your eyes, breathe, and clear your mind. Be still. Center your scattered senses on God’s presence.

REFLECTION: Written by Vickie Stone

It was our annual tradition. My neighbor Sue and I toured the Point Loma homes all prettied up for the All Souls Episcopal Church Holiday Home Tour.  We loved seeing the homes, many with stunning views to the San Diego Harbor below with tiny sail boats and the downtown skyline in the distance. Several years ago on the tour, Sue noticed a nativity scene with a missing baby Jesus at one of the homes.  Sue volunteers at several local thrift stores and noticed when an exact matching baby Jesus was donated; the perfect, unique one that would complete that home’s creche! The following December Sue was under the weather and did not make the tour that year…then last December, Sue again had the baby Jesus ready.  We walked up to the gate at the home on the street that we visited 2 years prior and rang the buzzer.  A woman came out the front door and walked down the sidewalk to open the gate. Sue introduced us and explained why two strangers were standing at her gate.  The lady listened intrigued and fascinated.  She was clearly touched.  She opened the bag and unwrapped the delivered baby Jesus and gasped, putting her hand over her mouth.  Her eyes started to tear and then said her creche was her mother’s who put it out every year.  Her mother had died 17 years ago. During the woman’s childhood, it had never had the baby Jesus. Her mother had fashioned one from a round button and some cloth, so the manger would not be empty.  But this baby Jesus was indeed an exact match to her set.  She said her mother was certainly smiling down from heaven! She was touched and said it was the kindest thing she recalled someone ever doing for her.  She said she would continue to keep her mother’s hand-made Jesus but would now also add this real, matching one so she could tell everyone the special story of how it arrived to her nativity set.  Witnessing this generous act of kindness was perhaps my favorite gift last Christmas season.

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 25:4-5

Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.

Pause and meditate on the Scripture.

PRAYER:  Written by Donald J. Shelby (1931-2012), an American pastor, writer, and speaker.

Lord, the calendar calls for Christmas. We have traveled this way before. During this Advent season we would see what we have never seen before, accept what we have refused to think, and hear what we need to understand. Be with us in our goings that we may meet you in your coming. Astonish us until we sing “Glory!” and then enable us to live it out with love and peace. In the name of your Incarnate Word, even Jesus Christ. Amen.

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MUSIC VIDEO:  Simon Khorolskiy:  I Wonder As I Wander

IMAGE: Virginia Wieringa; Advent Starry Night

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