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If we are going to base our life on something, there better be a strong, solid foundation for our beliefs.  The Bible carries God’s authority and wisdom for how we should live.  As Christians, we build our entire lives (both now and eternal) on the truth of God’s Word.  Scripture is our strong foundation.   No message of Scripture originates from man’s own wisdom, but only from the inspiration of God through the Holy Spirit. We must take care to understand God’s Word, interpret it correctly, and obey it completely.  Scripture provides the only path for fully understanding God’s promises. The Bible is the solid foundation upon which we, as Christians, learn to live in a manner that is pleasing to God.  It is worth our time to read and study it so we know the truth.  Armed with God’s truth, we can avoid the struggles found in this dark world and see the light that shines from a creative, consistent, loving and living God.


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