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There’s an old story about a boy who, having grown up at the edge of a wide, turbulent river, spent his childhood learning to build rafts.  When the boy reached manhood, he felled some trees, lashed them together, and riding his raft, he crossed to the far side of the river.  Because he had spent so long working on the raft, he couldn’t see leaving it behind when he reached dry land, so he lashed it to his shoulders and carried it with him, though all he came upon in his journeys were a few easily fordable streams and puddles.  He rarely though about the things he was missing out on because he was carrying the bulky raft – the trees he couldn’t climb, vistas he couldn’t see, people he couldn’t get close to and races he couldn’t run.  He didn’t even realize how heavy the raft was, because he had never known what it was like to be free of it.    —  Lori Gordon  Passage to Intimacy


What raft are you carrying that makes your life journey and your walk with God more difficult?  What worries, scars, burdens or guilt stand in your way of living an abundant life of joy and peace that only God can provide?  Pray that God can help you see the things in your life that are barriers to living the life Jesus wants us to have.


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